About Jachtwerf Kuiper

the if

Jachtwerf Kuiper renews and reimagines 1974 to 1979 Marieholm IF boats. We reuse an IF hull by stripping it completely and  rebuilding it into a renewed IF-boat with a new epoxy coating, new equipment and a unique new interior design, modern Scandinavian style. This is what we call the Kuiper-IF. Jachtwerf Kuiper does not manufacture new fiberglass IF hulls.

One day we sat together on an IF admiring its timeless exterior design. But we also said …. the interior has become quite vintage! For vintage lovers, this wouldn’t be a problem. But if you are looking for an excellent sailer that has great sexy looks, modern in- and outside,  we need to go a little further than just repainting the hull.

We love Tord Sunden’s IF-boat design. Back in the 70s it was built with so much dedication and quality.; you can still from the state and thickness of the fiberglass. Our intention is to continue the heritage of Tord Sunden’s IF-boat and to enlarge the IF sailing community. By doing this in a stylish way that also fits within the philosophy of circularity.

We decided to develop the idea of creating a renewed IF without having to bring in a new fiberglass hull into the environment. The Kuiper-IF has a unique interior design and construction we specially developed for the IF-boat in cooperation with Van Oossanen Naval Architects.

We designed the new interior of the Kuiper IF for daytrips and short sailing tours for those to whom quality and looks matter.  We want to note that the Kuiper IF does not comply with the rules of the Swedish IF class association to be allowed to participate in official competition sailing, due to its interior design. The new Seacamper IF however which is produced by Peter Gronlund is approved to be completely IF class rule proof.